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Get your business noticed, improve brand awareness with custom Storefront & Retail Signs manufacturing and drive more traffics to your store, office and commercial place. Give value to your street advertising with custom store front signage. We build your illuminated light box signs to specification.

When you move into a new store or office location, we can help you change the old signs graphics and replace with a new one at budget friendly price. Prices depend on size, location and position of the signage but could be as low as $980. To get definite quote, please email or text us your address, picture of the old size showing ground level and the approximate size of the signs.

Our production team has many years of experience in signs design and manufacturing. We can help you with quality, attractive and attention grabbing storefront & retail signs

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Store front signs  prices varies depending on the size and location of the signage whether on ground floor or higher level. Pricing generally starts at $980

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Print Specs

File Format to submit for printing: 

*.tiff, *.eps, *.ai, *.psd, *.pdf, *.jpg, *.png, CorelDraw, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Microsoft publisher.
Adobe Illustrator – Save file as *.pdf using press setting or an *.eps format. Images should be embedded; all fonts must be converted to outlines.
Adobe Photoshop – Layers flattened and save as *.tiff documents.
– CorelDraw – Save as high resolution *.pdf or *.eps format. All fonts must be converted to curves.

Resolution: Submit all files resolution at 100dpi to 150dpi at 100% file size. Lower resolution could result in low image quality.
Colour Mode: For better colour reproduction, please provide your artwork/image in CMYK colour mode (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & blacK) and RGB colour mode (Red, Green, & Blue). All black and white graphics must be provided in grayscale.

For Optimum colour output please observe the following rules:

For Solid Black Colour
If you are using a rich black in a backgrounds & large areas, do NOT use 100K and expect to get rich black, you will get a grayish black. Instead, use: 40C / 30M / 0Y / 100K. Exception to this rule is type: for written type, use ONLY 100K, 0C 0M 0Y.

For Blue
Do NOT use too much magenta or you may receive a purple colour. Use: 100C 60M and to make it darker ADD 40K.

For Purple
Do NOT use too much cyan or you may receive a blue colour. Even if your print came out purple before it may become blue next time. Use: 60C 100M and to make it darker ADD black to a MAXIMUM of 40K.


We install your signage according to industry standard