Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

We fix damaged photos due to tear, water, grease, scratches, or other factors. Photo retouching can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from fixing bad colours, removal of unwanted objects in your image, altering boring background to complete background change. Facial retouching in a portrait, removing or adding people to a wedding group is one of the photo repair services we offer.

All you have to do is give us the picture that need photo retoching, we then scan and digitalize it. You can email your own scanned picture too for restoration.



How to Order from our store.  From product caculator:

Product: Choose size and quantity

Binding & Finishing: Choose binding and finishing options

Design: Let us know if you require design done for you, otherwise choose no.

Special instruction: Please advise if there is anything or feature you need on your product  

Turnaround: You choose when your product will be ready for pickup. Please note a small premium applies for faster delivery

Create your design online:

Click this button if you wish to create your own professional custom design and submit for printing. This feature saves you money on graphic design as it is free to use. Choose a template size and start designing. When you need help, click on the question mark within the design software for help.

Upload your file for printing:

If you have a design to submit for printing, upload it to us here. If you have more than 1 file to submit e.g. front and back separate files, please zip the file before submitting for printing.

After uploading a file, click on the “Add to Cart” button. Then click on the shopping cart just above the page immediately below the top navigation buttons by the green success icon to checkout. Click on continue shopping to order more products.

Let us design for you:

Our graphic design team will be happy to create artwork for you. Just fill out the short form that enable our designers understand your business.  Upload an image or scan copy if any to further help us understand what you need from the designer.


This direction helps us do the job right the first time.  In any design project your input is important hence we email you a proof for your approval or correction. The number of times the proof is sent to you for revision is a reflection of time spent on the project. The cost of creating your artwork is directly related to the time spent on the project. To save on time, we advise that you spend some time to go through the proof and list the changes you like see in a clear and easy to understand manner.


Once a proof is approved, TD images does not accept responsibility for any error found afterward.  It is very important you read through your design and correct any typo and others in the artwork before approving for print.

Request a quote:

Please click on request a quote to get pricing on large quantity product, custom size or others pricing not display online.


Desire quantity not in the calculator:

When you need to create your own design but can’t find the design quantity in the calculator, you can still order by choosing the nearest quantity to the quantity you want and then contact us letting us know the product and actual quantity. We will then advise you to pay the difference by credit card over the phone or by email money transfer to


The above process applies when you have your own design to upload but the desire quantity is not in the calculator.


Alternative you can upload your file here and use the description area to advise us of the qty and other info we need to know including your telephone #. We will contact you with payment options.



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